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Our Range

At Mach-Aire, we strive to provide design solutions at the forefront of technology, constantly challenging our testing standards.

Establishing extraction, containment and circulation products and systems for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and educational sectors, we offer a complete design service tailoring an individual solution relevant to your needs.

To complement our range of fume cupboards, containment solutions, clean rooms and extract systems, we also maintain a dedicated spares and consumables service.

For help and advice on the right products to match your company’s needs, contact a member of the team today for your comprehensive design package.

Our Sectors

Mach-Aire are mainly involved in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and education sectors.

Containment Solutions

Specialists in the design, manufacture, installation and validation of a leading range of containment solutions, we supply to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Designed to prevent contamination of high value products during the manufacturing or dispensing process, our containment solutions also protect your workforce and surrounding environment from hazardous micro-organisms and biological or chemically active substances associated with your operations.

Containment Solutions include:

  • Isolators
  • Safety cabinets
  • Powder Containment booths
  • Laminar flow cabinets

Modular Clean Rooms

Mach-Aire construct and commission modular, transportable clean rooms. Ideally suited for applications where conventional construction would be too costly or difficult, we construct buildings off-site and deliver complete units to your site.

Our dedicated team of specialists manage your project through to completion, including the design needs, liaising with planning authorities and building control for relevant planning permission and installing foundations or services on site.

Modular clean room facilities are easily transportable and lifted into position to form a complete building. Installation can be completed within a day eliminating disruption of affairs. All modular clean rooms are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations.

Aseptic Clean Rooms

Our advanced understanding of complex manufacturing and dispensing processes under aseptic pharmaceutical conditions allows us to design and build bespoke pharmacy clean rooms that meet your specific requirements.

Projects can range from small single rooms to large multi-roomed manufacturing suites. Our designers work with a variety of architects, main contractors, facility managers and your company to develop fully compliant, cutting-edge facilities.

Mach-Aire adopts an approach in which we do more than just design and build your new clean room. Our aim is to equip you with a complete solution, saving you time and providing high performance isolators, safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets and clean room furniture.

Spares and Consumables

We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables alongside our product ranges including pre filters and gauntlet sleeves. For help or information about placing an order please complete our online enquiry form below and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Mach-Aire has over 20 years’ experience in supplying the pharmaceutical sector with innovative solutions to overcome key issues faced by the industry today. Product protection and employee safety are of paramount importance alongside increasing pressure to improve the energy efficiency of your business, equipment and processes.

Designing working environments with ergonomic, functional and aesthetic appeal is vital within the sector. We work with you to provide individual solutions that balance the combination of demands in both research & development (R&D) and manufacturing establishments.

Research & Development (R&D)
Mach-Aire provides flexible yet safe and sustainable solutions for the R&D sector in order to help you adapt to the ever-changing requirements of frontier research. We work closely with you to design solutions that enable quick and effective laboratory reconfigurations, adaptable to the rapidly evolving equipment needs of drug research and development.

Helping you reduce your environmental impact, our low carbon, high efficiency solutions are at the forefront of airflow technology.

Where operator or product protection is an issue, we are able to design solutions with essential containment installations throughout the manufacturing process.

Understanding complex manufacturing processes facilitates our ability to provide sterile processing, powder (API) handling and restricted access barrier systems for pharmaceutical production facilities. Our isolators, safety cabinets, laminar flow units and powder booths ensure business operations remain safe and at the height of efficiency for you.


Our extensive experience and knowledge of working with both the public and private healthcare sector only furthers our capabilities when met with specialist technical issues.

Helping you create a fully compliant, bespoke solution where product, personnel and environmental protection is critical, we offer aseptic pharmacy dispensing facilities and containment facilities. We establish safe environments for your staff, products and the patients you will be treating.

Pharmacy Dispensing Facility
Mach-Aire provides safe and sterile environments to prepare and dispense sterile infusion products used to treat patients on site. We work closely with our clients at every stage of the project to ensure optimum design solutions through our comprehensive understanding of compliance with rules and standards.

Containment Facilities
Operator safety is key in the design of containment facilities due to the highly infectious nature of samples to be tested, and this must also be applied to the safety of the general public. Our range of safety cabinets are designed and manufactured with varying levels of product and operator protection to meet the specific needs of your operation.


Products are tailored to incorporate the highest levels of safety and protection for teachers, pupils and other users. Providing industry-leading performance for the specific needs of secondary, further education and university chemistry teaching and research facilities, our innovative solutions are safe, sustainable and energy efficient.

Secondary and Further Education
Our fume hoods provide excellent visibility for basic experiments, available as ducted or full recirculating air systems. Full recirculating air systems can feature activated carbon cell filtration, while specialist monitors are fitted to indicate filter condition levels.

University – Research Laboratories
Often collaborating with pharmaceutical organisations, university laboratories require detailed specifications similar to pharmaceutical facilities. Our designs incorporate low energy and sustainable equipment features along with cutting edge materials and air flow control options.

University – Teaching Laboratories
These environments require intuitive, robust and safe solutions in which to operate. Our products offer a safe ambience in which to operate.

Our committed after sales support. continual product development and service capabilities ensure our partnership results in the matching of your project with a premium design solution for your educational establishment.